23 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

It's our final blog post of the year but it's just the beginning for us at Itty Bitty & Bijou! We are thankful for all the interest, excitement and encouragement we've had in the lead up to our launch in January and we hope the support continues to grow!

We are having a very busy holiday season 'behind the scenes' with lots of late nights designing, doodling and crafting! We are also busy working on the final touches to our branding, blog and graphics which you'll see in the New Year followed by some of our products later in January!

Until then we wish all our friends and followers a very magical Christmas and a great New Year! We hope you pop back to check in with us in 2012 whether it's so see what's new, our collections of Itty Bits or even just to read our blog posts about ideas and inspirations for all things Itty Bitty & Bijou!

Best Wishes

Catharine & James

7 December 2011

Put a Ring On It

Photographing your rings on your wedding day is something you may forget on the day but makes a really beauty image to treasure. There are lots of ways you can tie it in with your wedding day too if you don't want a photograph of just your rings.
These photographers show how you can use other features from your day to add your personality and that little bit more interest and relevance to your ring photographs...

Photographed with their cute custom cake toppers .  Photography by Chenin Boutwell

Photographed with the couple's bespoke wedding invitations . Photograph by She-n-He Photography

Photographed with their cute ring pillow . Photography by Michelle Edmonds Photography

This features the Bride's rings with stunning shoes . Photography by Forever Photography Studio

The cactus was a key element of this wedding and were used within the decor . Photography by MPrint Photography

Macarons topped with their wedding rings, sweet . Photography by Gladys Jem Photography

Displaying the rings on a branch at this woodland wedding . Photography by Courtney Lindberg Photography

3 December 2011

Something Afoot...

There is something afoot with Grooms and their Groomsmen - there's a lot of emphasis on their footwear and... socks! From funky socks in colours that match their wedding's colour scheme, to wearing colourful converse or Toms espadrilles. It's a great way to inject some fun and personality into their suits and it makes for some great photos too.

The Groom gets the white pair of course . Photography by Austin Warnock Photography

Purple & lilac argyle with white shoes . Photography by Michelle Newell Photography

Matching their black, ivory & green wedding colour scheme . Photography by Sherri Barber Photography

Yellow socks matching their yellow ties . Photography by Rebekah Westover Photography

2 December 2011

The Power of the Single Flower

When planning for your wedding and thinking about your floral design don't overlook the power of the single flower! It's a growing trend for singular flowers to be placed in either tall or short vases or even a tea cup if you like! It actually has a great effect!

By using a single, beautiful, flower it can increase the impact and let the colour and detail pop which may have been lost in an extravagant arrangement. It can also be a budget friendly idea (depending on your choice of flowers) and something you may even enjoy preparing yourselves.

Let's not forget to mention that single flowers are even being used in place of a bouquet. There are some beautiful examples of this but we are a little less sure about this ourselves. As always it's about your own style and preference! We hope you take away some nice little ideas from us.

Colour matching . Photography by Bellini Portraits

Fabric flower . Photography by Laura Murray

Simple but significant . Photography by Suthi Piccote Photography

Singular flower as a table number . Photography by Krystal Mann Photography

Soft colours and long stems . Photography by We Heart Photography

Contrasting colours and dramatic blooms . 
Photography by Michael & Anna Costa Photography

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