26 February 2014

Logo, Branding & Blog Design // Emily Noel & Beauty Broadcast // Beauty Blogger

I love makeup and I turn to fab beauty bloggers for reviews and new looks all the time! I have a post coming up soon about my favourite beauty bloggers to follow, many of whom have their own Youtube channels too, but today I'll quickly introduce you to one of my favourites - Emily Noel of Beauty Broadcast. I created a blog design and branding for Emily's blog Beauty Broadcast, based around the pink, black and white colours she already used. I loved the idea of creating something based on the pretty pearlised balls of makeup too ( see in the inspirations below ) Pretty and girly - just like Emily!

- The new look blog - redesign and branding -

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25 February 2014

Bloom and Grow // Itty Bitty Bijou

I've been thinking a lot lately, about my businesses and how I can grow them, take them forward on to the next step and bloom. Firstly, I have re-branded both Itty Bitty Bijou and Catharine Noble Photography - something I have been meaning to do before the New Year! I love both of the new looks and this fresh start feels like the first step of many positive things to happen.

It was so apt that when putting together this post, I would hear some super news that I must share! Two of my wedding industry associates and bloved bteam collegues, Louise Beukes and Charlie Kingsland-Barrow are launching a new venture with luxury wedding designer, Jessie Thompson. The ladies have come together to bring you Flourish & Prosper - a resource which will encourage and inspire professionals within the wedding industry, with opportunities to learn, develop and network! I can't wait to know more! I'll certainly support their new venture and I send them my best wishes for their Flourishing future and huge congratulations too!

Pop on over to the Catharine Noble Photography to see the new look and watch this space for more to come! In the mean time - don't forget to Bloom!

21 February 2014

Logo, Branding & Blog Design // Fleur De Force // Beauty Blogger

I love both blogging and reading blogs and I'm super passionate and blogs being beautiful to read too. To me, reading a blog is like picking up your favourite magazine! I use my love of editorial design when it comes to blog design and branding too.

I have always enjoyed the videos or vlogs by beauty blogger and vlogger, Fleur De Force and I have been eager to rebrand her blog for ages! Her content and photography are great, it just needs a little magic graphic design fairy dust! So back in January, I created a full branding for Fleur De Force from a water colour styled logo with handwritten style font and modern sans serif pairing, to category buttons, a post divider pattern and a really lovely colour palette too. I just loved this muted peachy pink tone with white and black text. Below you can view the branding board, inspiration board, new look branding and blog design and a kind of 'before and after' look too...

- The Inspiration Board - 
- The Blog Branding and Re.Design / New look -

- The category button designs -

- The before and after -

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Logo & Branding For Events // The Bloved Weddings Bparty Brand Concept by Itty Bitty Bijou

I was so excited to work on the branding concept for the bloved weddings 'bparty' hosted by Louise of bloved and a whole host of fantastic vendors including of course the super suppliers from the bloved bteam ( yes that's Itty Bitty Bijou too! )

Louise provided her styling ideas and inspirations for me to work with and a colour palette she was working to. It was a fab project to work on as always and here's the branding board for the look I went with ...

// All Branding & Design by Itty Bitty Bijou //

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3 February 2014

Itty Bitty Bijou | New England Wedding Stationery in the Bloved Style Guide

Issue Three of the Style Guide is out and available to download { here } Created by Louise of Bloved Weddings who put together a brilliant team of wedding vendors to bring you the perfect inspirations for a New England style wedding! I designed the staionery and it includes a free printable for you to diy and it's downloadable exclusively at bloved blog { here }

- Meet the team who put it all together - the bloved weddings bteam -

{ Credits }
Styling | Louise - bloved weddings
Photography | Anneli - Anneli Marionovich Photography
Flowers | Liz - Blue Sky Flowers
Stationery | Catharine - Itty Bitty Bijou
Catering | Jen - Kalm Kitchen
Bridal Wear | Rachel - Luella's Boudoir
Wedding Co-ordinator | Anna - Bride & Glory
Accessories | Vicky - Victoria Millesime
Bridesmaids Wear | Sinclair & India - Maids to Measure
Homeware | Lucy - Rowen & Wren
Cakes | Karen - Karen Anna
Makeup Artist | Ana - Ana Ospina Makeup

Don't forget to download your own copy of The Style Guide: 03 The New England Issue
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