27 June 2013

What We Are Pinning - Leopard Print

I'm currently pinning lots of leopard print fashion pieces - from rather fantastic heels and handbags to big beautiful scarves! I'm pinning for inspiration but it seems to be growing into a wish list too! For credits, full images and more like these follow Itty Bitty & Bijou on Pinterest { here }
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24 June 2013

Beautiful Book - Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache by Harry Eastwood

As a Graphic Designer and Photographer I fall in love with beautiful books containing both of these elements. It doesn't even have to be a book that I will read several times from cover-to-cover but more that they will become part of my coveted collection of beautiful books which adorn my home, and I enjoy flicking through those pretty pages at leisure!

Today I am sharing a lovely cookery book called 'Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache' written by Harry Eastwood. Firstly, it is simply adorable - from the title to the recipes and of course the photos. There is a theme with the food styling throughout the book which plays on quaint vintage pieces and doll's houses! Cupcakes sit upon minature sized garden furniture and within the doll's house itself { you can see an example of which below }...

Rosewater Fairy Cakes, Lemon & Lavender Drizzle Cake and Autumn Apple & Cider Cake are just a few of the delicious recipes this book has to offer and Harry Eastwood aims to provide healthier ways of cooking too.

Hope you have enjoyed today's inspiration and photography! If you are interested in learning more about Harry Eastwood, her work and other books, pop on over to harryeastwood.com

20 June 2013

Branding & Graphic Design Tips - Pinning

Pinterest is a fantastic way of both sharing your work and favorite finds and it's also a great way to find inspiration. For our own work and our client base ( operating in the wedding & events industry ) it has become essential to check out the latest on Pinterest.

Many of us come across wonderful things we must repin, but what if these finds had never been pinned in the first place? We can't just rely on others to inspire us, we need to add interesting content ourselves to continue this wonderful global community of interesting ideas and stunning images!

In order to do this we should keep up to date with our favorite reads, websites and blogs, pinning as you go - instead of checking your Pinterest feed and clicking through to the odd content or 'saving it for later'. I have been guilty of this and I found that I missed the enjoyment of my favorite reads! 

What's this got to do with business? Well here are a few points to consider:
  • If you don't add your work to Pinterest who will?
  • Pinterest sends a lot of traffic to your website & blog - if you have interesting pins/content you will gain more followers and a bigger audience.
  • Sharing inspirations with people with similar style & tastes builds good contacts.
  • Keeping your own creativity is good for your workflow as a creative.

Today I declare that I will make more time to keep up-to-date with my favorite reads, blogs and websites and make more of an effort to pin directly from them for my Pinterest followers to see and share too. You can see them { here }

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What We Are Pinning - Jose Villa

We are always pinning the work of legendary photographer Jose Villa! He is a huge inspiration to us as Photographers and we'd love to attend one of his workshops in the future! Here we have some of our recent pins for you to swoon over  - for credits and to see the full images join us on Pinterest! { here }

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18 June 2013

Colour Inspirations - Colours of a Cupcake

We adore beautiful food photography and styling - it inspires us in both our own photography work but also in our design work too. The colour palettes you can find in fantastically photographed food are beautiful. This lovely little pink cupcake topped with rose petals was captured by British wedding photographer Naomi Kenton - we adore her! You must check out her work - www.naomikenton.co.uk

12 June 2013

What We Are Pinning - Macarons

Welcome to our new series of posts 'What we are pinning'. We will be sharing current trends and inspirations from Pinterest based on our design work for Itty Bitty & Bijou, our photography work at Catharine Noble photography and also our blog Itty Bitty & Fluffy as well as our own personal interests too.
Today we have been pinning Macarons! Catharine loves them!
For credits and more marvelous Macrons follow us on Pinterest

7 June 2013

Colour Inspirations - Ice Cream

There is nothing more appropriate than an ice cream inspired colour inspiration with such fantastic Summer weather upon us! With rhubarb pinks and vanilla shades we just love this image by Jeanny of Zucker Zimt und Liebe, a rather delicious food blog! See her full post and other images { here }

. Photo by Jeanny of Zucker Zimt und Liebe .

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