28 March 2014

A Summer Garden Shower // Itty Bitty Bijou

An easy summer party set in the garden - ideal for a gathering of friends or of course a Bridal or Baby shower! I love the bright colours and the idea is focused around the food and drinks. Pink lemonade, milkshakes, ice cream served in teacups all set on beautiful serving trays. Add some cute seating such as leather Moroccan pouffes and pretty blankets and throws....
{ Credits } from left to right
Top row // John Granen & Peter Krumhardt . via Pinterest
Bottom row // Emily Scott . KT Merry

26 March 2014

My Wishlist // Anthropology // Itty Bitty Bijou

Spring is officially here, at last! The days are lighter for longer and we've had the odd day of sunshine but here in England it's still pretty cool - not time to get your spring / summer clothes on just yet! Dreaming of warm summer days I made a perfect pairing for an outfit, ideal for work or even dinner - wear with chinos, skinny jeans or shorts! These pieces are certainly added to my wishlist: The Sania Tank and beautiful Boreal Bib Necklace, both from Anthropologie.

22 March 2014

Bonjour Spring // Itty Bitty Bijou

Spring 2014 is officially here! I love this time of year, it makes me think newness and preparing for Summer to arrive. Spring cleaning, Spring lambs, chicks, Easter time, buds on trees, flower bulbs sprouting and nature beginning to bloom... Bonjour Spring!

Image Credit: Photo by Eddie Judd Photography . Graphic by Itty Bitty Bijou

21 March 2014

Pantone's Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspirations // Itty Bitty Bijou

Yehy - finally an inspiration board is back on Itty Bitty Bijou! I have missed doing them and I've had lots of emails asking about them, but do not fear - I have plenty to share and I am still doing them, I have just had a busy old time behind the scenes.

So, here we have some inspirations for incorporating 'Radiant Orchid' (the colour of the year) into your wedding. I would personally do it with flowers, adding touches of this colour to the bouquet, bridesmaids flowers and I love the idea of scattering petals too...

{ Credits } from left to right
Top row // via Pinterest . Shop Ruche
Bottom row // via Left My Heart in Paris . via Style Me Pretty

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You can also find ideas for beautiful Bridal Showers { here } too!

19 March 2014

Inspired By Pink Clay & Herbivore Botanicals // Itty Bitty Bijou

It's no secret that I covet pretty packaging and my Pinterest is home to some amazing packaging design inspirations too. The latest I am lusting after is the Pink Clay range by Herbivore Botanicals! 

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18 March 2014

My Top Beauty Vloggers by Itty Bitty Bijou

Firstly, I love makeup and skincare, I always have - I even worked at The Body Shop for a couple of years whilst at college! Some time ago I was looking online for some new foundation and what was recommended - this led to my discovery of the world of Beauty Vloggers on Youtube! I love reading blogs but had never thought about the world of vlogs - video versions - and I have really come to enjoy some regulars!

Here's a round-up of my top Beauty Vloggers I currently watch ...

Chloe Morello // ChloeMorello
Chloe's style is flawless and I adore both the makeup and fashion looks she shows! I seriously want her wardrobe! If like me, you want a fresh faced, natural look with nods to the latest trends, you will really enjoy Chloe's vlogs.

Melissa Raymond // MELMPHS
Melissa is from Memphis and I could listen to her accent all day! She is such a character and a breath of fresh air! Her videos range from honest reviews to 'get ready with me' tutorials. I love that Melissa is natural and warm, she will tell you if she didn't like a product and she also has great dupes for top brand makeup too!

Steph  // SMLxO
Steph posts regular videos about the latest makeup looks and how to create them as well as reviewing products. I love that Steph has a funny 'outtakes' section at the end of her video too - they are always adorable! She also does a lot of 'haul' videos and fashion pieces too.

Heart // ThatsHeart
Heart is such a lovely, positive person and she shares lots of videos other than just makeup - such as room tours, questions viewers have asked and fashion pieces too. She recently released her very own makeup palette which is a cute as she is!

Wayne Goss // Gossmakeupartist
Wayne is great for 'how to' tutorials from how to contour correctly, apply blusher in different ways to suit your face shape, perfect your eyebrows - I have learnt so many great tips to use everyday!

Emily Noel // EmilyNoel83
Emily does lots of tutorials and 'get ready with me' videos but also she honestly reviews products too. From 'one brand' makeup looks to dupes of high end makeup, to lots of informational videos.

If you have someone to recommend, why not share it in the comments section below?!

Image Credit . Photo via Lonny Magazine . Graphic by Itty Bitty Bijou

14 March 2014

Wanderlust // Itty Bitty Bijou

This week the English countryside welcomed Spring sunshine and I had a great urge to get out there and explore! We have a location to scout out for an upcoming photography project, so it was the perfect opportunity to take some of our camera kit (and of course Joey and Teddy) out!

When you find yourself working at a computer most of the day, everyday, it's a refreshing change to be outdoors! I always enjoy finding new places and we found some beautiful locations for picnics this summer - not just styled shoots and family photography sessions!

I really want to take advantage of the weather this Spring and Summer and pledge that I will do some exploring, have some adventures and see more of the UK this year. Spring and summer are our busiest months as wedding photographers too which is also good for seeing new places - but I must remember to take a day off once in a while and go see the world!

Photo Credit . Catharine Noble Photography

11 March 2014

Stationery Design // Bloved Weddings & The Style Guide // The Colour Clash Issue

If you missed the whole Colour Clash wedding inspiration shoot on Bloved Weddings, you must pop by and see it! Based around the Pantone Colour of the Year, Radiant Orchid, Louise created a concept with a bright colour palette. Itty Bitty Bijou is the Stationery contributor for Bloved Weddings 'bteam' so I had the absolute pleasure of creating some cute pieces for this shoot!

Behold bright white card stock, grey text with a flamboyant font paired with a clean sans serif typeface, oh and some pretty ribbons sewn on too!

. With Thanks to Anneli Marinovich Photography for these beautiful images .

{ Credits }
Styling | Louise - bloved weddings
Photography | Anneli - Anneli Marionovich Photography
Flowers | Liz - Blue Sky Flowers
Stationery | Catharine - Itty Bitty Bijou
Bridal Wear | Rachel - Luella's Boudoir
Accessories | Vicky - Victoria Millesime
Bridesmaids | Sinclair & India - Maids to Measure
Homeware | Lucy - Rowen & Wren
Cakes | Agnes - Agnes de Sucre
Makeup Artist | Ana - Ana Ospina Makeup

7 March 2014

Write and Blog // Itty Bitty Bijou

You may have noticed that I have been writing and blogging more - on Itty Bitty Bijou but also over at the Catharine Noble Photography blog too. This is something I have wanted to get into for the last 12 months or more, but I always seemed to put too much pressure on myself. I had work to share as well as ideas and topics to talk about but I didn't feel like I had a voice - or that anyone would listen.

I felt that every post had to be the best post ever written on a blog, the content and images should all be completely unique and original - and that there should also be some major styled shoot by myself too! I didn't have the time for all of that, or the confidence.

In the new year, one of my goals and resolutions I set myself was to actually start writing and blogging. To feel the fear and do it anyway! I found it difficult at first but really enjoyed sharing - whether it's my work, advice or something fab I've come across. I felt elated for rising to the challenge! You'd think I had stepped out in public without my makeup on but that's how it seemed. Putting myself 'out there', open to criticism and negativity and that people wouldn't like me or my work.

So, I thought about the beauty guru Melissa Raymond, who always tells people - this is me, this is my youtube channel, my opinions and work - if you don't like me you don't have to watch. Good points.

I'm also a fan of Shameless Maya and her 'Be Shameless' project ( I'll dedicate a post solely to this another time ) but she tells you that if you're in a business like this - you need to put yourself out there because everyone else is! Be Shameless!

So here I am, challenging myself and achieving my goals - growing because of it personally, in business and even feeling good about it! So far I've had a very nice response, which builds my confidence and I thank those friends and people in my business network who are supporting me! Thank You x

Read Don't Forget to Sparkle > Making a supportive network of associates when you work for yourself
 Read Bloom & Grow > Continue to move forwards in your work

Image Credit . Photo By Stephanie Sterjovski / Graphic by Itty Bitty Bijou

5 March 2014

Inspired by Magnolia Rouge Magazine - The Elements Issue

Today I saw that the latest issue of Magnolia Rouge Magazine went live and I could not wait to sit down for a little coffee break and take a look! This edition is 'The Elements Issue' and boasts beautiful work from some of my favorite Photographers' including Erich Mcvey, Laura Murray, Clayton Austin and Danelle Bohane!

Magnolia Rouge Magazine never fails to inspire me, especially in my wedding photo work at Catharine Noble Photography. As well as stunning shoots from some of my faves, I was introduced to new talents too such as Julie Song Ink...

I am completely in love with and inspired by the exquisite and whimsical, watercolour illustrations by Julie Song Ink. Delicate, romantic florals' in the prettiest color palette. Combining three of my favorite wedding stationery trends of the moment - watercolor, florals and illustrations!

You must also check out her Etsy shop for some super pretty calligraphy pieces too!

As well as out-of-this-world contributors and Fine Art Photography, Magnolia Rouge is run by Kate, the Graphic Designer behind Ruby & Willow. She has flawless taste, especially when it comes to weddings and fonts! She creates fabulous Stationery and her editorial design for the Magnolia Rouge Magazine and blog is always an inspiration and delight to look at!

So if  like Me, you love weddings, photography and pretty graphic design - you will very much enjoy both the Magnolia Rouge blog and magazines! Pop by and view the latest issue with a cup of tea!

Magazine - Magnolia Rouge by Kate Holland . Illustrations by Julie Song Ink

3 March 2014

Sneak Preview // Current Work Coming Soon by Itty Bitty Bijou

I am so utterly in love with a current blog design project I am working on! I cannot tell you how excited I am to share the final designs too! For now I'll leave you with a small sneak preview with more coming soon!

- See more posts about branding and blog design work by Itty Bitty Bijou -

2 March 2014

Don't Forget to Sparkle // Itty Bitty Bijou

Some days working for yourself and staying motivated can be difficult. You can't excitedly show a colleague work that you've just finished and get a heartfelt well done. You can't bounce ideas of someone or discuss a work dilemma. You have to do all of this for yourself which can sometimes be hard work and it can dull my sparkle somewhat. But it doesn't have to! 

It's nice to share ideas, inspirations and opinions on current trends with people who have similar jobs, interests or work in the same industry as yourself. Creating my inspiration boards, reading my favourite blogs and magazines helps me to do this as well as social media. I engage with others and make connections on a personal level not just in a business / work way. Showing my tastes, style preferences and ideas has gained me a network of people and also friends. It's not just a one way street either! It's inspiring and motivating to see their work too and we take an interest and actively support each other. I love to see my associates take on challenges and succeed - I'm sure they feel the same towards myself too. We help each other to Sparkle!

Below are some tips you can try to achieve better connections and support too...

Steps you can take to get some Sparkle in your work life too:

> Follow {work } friends on Pinterest - You can follow me at www.pinterest.com/ittybittybijou
> Follow { work } friends on Instagram - You can follow me at instagram.com/ittybittybijou
> Read their blogs, see their recent projects and if you see something you like - tell them so with a comment below the post or even a little email!
> Are there recurring people's work that you seem to keep pinning to your Pinterest? Have you visited their website or blog to learn more about them?
> If you have a network of { work } friends already do you support them by sharing their recent features and successes? 

There's a start! I'll be following this post up with some more tips in the near future too.

Don't forget to SPARKLE!

Catharine x

Image Credit . Photo by Brianna Venzke / Graphic by Itty Bitty Bijou
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