2 December 2011

The Power of the Single Flower

When planning for your wedding and thinking about your floral design don't overlook the power of the single flower! It's a growing trend for singular flowers to be placed in either tall or short vases or even a tea cup if you like! It actually has a great effect!

By using a single, beautiful, flower it can increase the impact and let the colour and detail pop which may have been lost in an extravagant arrangement. It can also be a budget friendly idea (depending on your choice of flowers) and something you may even enjoy preparing yourselves.

Let's not forget to mention that single flowers are even being used in place of a bouquet. There are some beautiful examples of this but we are a little less sure about this ourselves. As always it's about your own style and preference! We hope you take away some nice little ideas from us.

Colour matching . Photography by Bellini Portraits

Fabric flower . Photography by Laura Murray

Simple but significant . Photography by Suthi Piccote Photography

Singular flower as a table number . Photography by Krystal Mann Photography

Soft colours and long stems . Photography by We Heart Photography

Contrasting colours and dramatic blooms . 
Photography by Michael & Anna Costa Photography

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