28 February 2012

Making a Complimentary Statement

When looking at wedding day bridal accessories we found some beautiful ideas and something which really caught our attention was the statement necklace. It can be pretty tricky to pull off as you need to get just the right balance between the statement necklace and of course the beautiful wedding dress. It's about complimenting the dress and working well with it - you don't want to detract from it!

Here are some great photographs of how to work the statement necklace, showing perfectly how to make a statement without over-powering the dress!

The colour pop tied in with this yacht wedding's style & colours . Photography by Linda Chaji 

Perfect for a beautiful beach wedding . Photography by Leo Patrone Photography 

Crystal & gold floral necklace for a very elegant option . Photography by Love Ala Photography

A plethora of pearl create this complimentary collar . Photography by Kristen Vining Photography

Oversized gems & a complete contrast in colour with the chain . Photography by Jonas Peterson 

Stacking pearls with a pretty pink floral necklace . Photography by Kaylee Eylander Photography 

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