23 May 2012

Cute Cloud Nursery Concept...

We post a lot about the weddings and events side of things but haven't yet posted anything about our baby side - so today here's a little bit of something different for you to feast your eyes on!

We create custom and bespoke prints for babies and nurseries and here's a cute cloud themed concept we came up with for a boys nursery. From soft hanging clouds in happy colours and patterns to 3d paper mobiles and hot air balloons!

You can go straight to the products with the links below:
1/ Rain Cloud Mobile £29.79 - Baby Jives Co
2/ Rain Cloud Mobile £34.23 - Lullaby Mobiles
3/ 3D Cloud Mobile £27.26 - Gosh and Golly
4/ Hand Sewn Goodnight Cushion £18.00 - The Fox in the Attic
5/ Hanging Clouds £28.53 - Tulles the Photo
6/ Blue & White Stripe Cloud Pillow £31.66 - Little Nest Box
7/ Hot Air Balloon Mobile £38.03 - Mietjie

Please note that all prices are correct at the time of posting as some are priced in dollars and converted.

C is for Cloud print and other custom alphabet prints to fit with your nursery theme are available from our Etsy shop.

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