29 June 2012

It's All About the Dipped Furniture...

We just purchased a great retro look, vintage table which is just the perfect coffee table we have been searching high and low for. Now however, is the time to decide how to spruce it up, up-cycle it and make it look as fab as all the coffee table books which shall adorn it!

We have noticed the trend of dipped paint for the home - whether it's dipping mason jars for vases, tin cans for desk organisers or wooden kitchen utensils to match your colour scheme! There are also plenty of ways to apply this to furniture too! You can use the dipped effect to leave some of the original wood showing or perhaps use two colour opposites such as white with neon.

Here are some of our favourite inspirations for the dipped furniture look and we will continue to ponder our
many ideas for our coffee table makeover...

Our Dipped Furniture Finds:
1. Styles-files.com
2. Apartment Therapy
3. Design Sponge
4. Charlotte Lovey
5. Miss Moss
6. Design Love Fest
7. SF Girl By Bay
8. Apartment Therapy

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