22 January 2013

Valentine's Day Inspirations: Me and You Pencils

Valentines day is approaching and we have been gathering cute little ideas to share! We love Valentines Day ourselves but always prefer something personal, thoughtful, cute or quirky. One year James { the romantic man that he is } created a treasure hunt for me! It was great fun trying to solve the clues he left for me of where to go next, and it ended in a super cute, snugly & yummy picnic at one of our favourite countryside spots - on a deck looking out over the water.

So our cute Valentines Day gift idea today are these lovely new pencils from Knot & Bow, called Me & You Pencils. Each pencil is engraved with a different gold stamp such as...

Me & You
Salt & Pepper
Bread & Butter
Tea & Biscuits

I'd love to find these at my studio desk! {Slight hint there perhaps James! }
For more information or to make a purchase yourself head on over to Knot & Bow here.

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