6 April 2013

Keep it Fresh and Keep Your Creativity

I've been wanting to write this post since New Year and it has just turned April - so I thought 'what the heck' and sat down for an early Friday night write!

As creatives we want to bring inspiration across with our blog, the inspirations behind some of our works, inspirations and concepts we create, inspiration boards for decor, weddings, events and so on, and we want to start a little series of posts that aim to help and inspire friends of Itty Bitty & Bijou with their own blogs and graphic design too.

The question is - where does all this creativity and inspiration come from?! 
The pressure to be constantly creative, fresh, innovative and informed, cannot outweigh the love and enjoyment you have for all of these things - you wont deliver your best and you wont be happy with what you have created either. We thrive off a bit of pressure, stress and excitement but you need to keep a balance to keep you fresh, your work and your creativity.

We found this graphic by Striking Truths a while ago and it has sat on our desktop as a daily reminder ever since. It tells us to remember to live, to have a life and to have balance. We started this as a must for 2013, and set a rule for ourselves that no matter how busy our schedules are for work we must take time out. This started with taking weekends off (which lasted just 3 weeks into the new year) but if working at the weekend is unavoidable we agreed we must take that time back in the week.

In the past few months working 5 days instead of 6 and sometimes 7 has given us a lot of extra time. What have we done with it so far?

>Taken numerous road trips and visited places we hadn't seen before,
>Met free roaming Deer on one trip (it was amazing),
>Visited the beach once a month (it takes and hour and a half to get there but it's so worth it),
>We set up Itty Bitty & Fluffy blog and have made many friends in the process,
>We have watched movies which we've wanted to see for ages,
>Cooking and hosting for friends regularly,
>We've done some work on our house,
>Bought and revamped pieces of old furniture (been wanting to do this for years!)
>Taking photographs for pleasure not just for work,
>Finally printed, framed and put up said photos around the house,
>Training and more training with our rescue dog Joey - he is now off leash and this opened us up to world of better walks, places to go and things to do,
>Reading and getting through some books which have been on our Amazon wishlist for way too long,
>Started to learn Pilates and loving it!

So my advice to you today before the weekend starts, is to promise yourself not to spend it all on your favorite blogs and Pinterest (as much as we love doing just that and are very guilty of it) but instead inspire yourself in another way and be fresh for Monday. If you are anything like us you will be so excited to get back to work, you will have missed it (I really do miss it) and you'll be much more productive!

Catharine x

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