10 May 2013

Branding & Graphic Design Tips - Good Design Vs Bad Design

To the left is a design by ourselves and it was part of one of our design concepts and mood boards. Opposite is an example of the dreaded DIY design. If all our mood boards looked like this we wouldn't have any readers, fans or clients! We wouldn't inspire anyone and we definitely would not sell ourselves.

Ask yourself -
Which would attract you more? { Will your company lose out to competitors with better design }
Which would you rather read? { Can you attract more clients with better design }
Which would you trust more? { Will a client hire you if your look unprofessional }
Which would you hire? { Will you lose clients because your brand looks messy }

Professional design and photography can sell you, your company and brand. Unprofessional design can do the opposite, damaging your brand and lose you sales. Here we showed drastic differences between DIY design and hiring a Graphic Designer. It is the same wording but look at the sheer difference that can be achieved by using a professional designer and professional images!

The lesson today is to never underestimate the value of great graphic design!

You can see more of our Graphic Design & Branding Tips { here }


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