20 June 2013

Branding & Graphic Design Tips - Pinning

Pinterest is a fantastic way of both sharing your work and favorite finds and it's also a great way to find inspiration. For our own work and our client base ( operating in the wedding & events industry ) it has become essential to check out the latest on Pinterest.

Many of us come across wonderful things we must repin, but what if these finds had never been pinned in the first place? We can't just rely on others to inspire us, we need to add interesting content ourselves to continue this wonderful global community of interesting ideas and stunning images!

In order to do this we should keep up to date with our favorite reads, websites and blogs, pinning as you go - instead of checking your Pinterest feed and clicking through to the odd content or 'saving it for later'. I have been guilty of this and I found that I missed the enjoyment of my favorite reads! 

What's this got to do with business? Well here are a few points to consider:
  • If you don't add your work to Pinterest who will?
  • Pinterest sends a lot of traffic to your website & blog - if you have interesting pins/content you will gain more followers and a bigger audience.
  • Sharing inspirations with people with similar style & tastes builds good contacts.
  • Keeping your own creativity is good for your workflow as a creative.

Today I declare that I will make more time to keep up-to-date with my favorite reads, blogs and websites and make more of an effort to pin directly from them for my Pinterest followers to see and share too. You can see them { here }

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