21 February 2014

Logo & Branding For Events // The Bloved Weddings Bparty Brand Concept by Itty Bitty Bijou

I was so excited to work on the branding concept for the bloved weddings 'bparty' hosted by Louise of bloved and a whole host of fantastic vendors including of course the super suppliers from the bloved bteam ( yes that's Itty Bitty Bijou too! )

Louise provided her styling ideas and inspirations for me to work with and a colour palette she was working to. It was a fab project to work on as always and here's the branding board for the look I went with ...

// All Branding & Design by Itty Bitty Bijou //

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1 comment:

  1. I loved working on you with this, and the results were super pretty as always!! louise | b.loved xo


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