24 April 2014

Inspired by Magnolia Rouge Lifestyle

As you may have read previously, I adore Magnolia Rouge magazine! Today I was super excited to find that they have just released a new Lifestyle magazine to compliment it - Magnolia Rouge Lifestyle! It features utterly beautiful photography - I could pour over the images throughout the magazine forever! With beautiful styled shoots such as 'Sixties Campout' and 'Bohemia Soiree' to recipes and 'Travel Essays'. The travel portion of the magazine is stunning, beautifully captured and tells the story of each place - it is seriously inspiring! It has left me with a great want to visit some of the places featured and of course take my camera!

From travel pieces on Greece, Portugal, Dubrovnik and the Amalfi Coast ( just some of my favourites from the issue ) my sense of adventure is inspired! The beautiful imagery has inspired me for my work in Photography at Catharine Noble Photography, and the editorial design has more than satisfied my graphic design edge too! Pop on over to Magnolia Rouge and enjoy!

See the newly launched Magnolia Rouge Lifestyle magazine at magnoliarougemagazine.com

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