19 May 2014

There's a First Time for Everything // Itty Bitty Bijou

This weekend, James took a trip with family and friends and I experienced being home alone for the first time in my life - and I am 30! This is something I always thought be daunting but I do like a challenge and I looked forward to making it a positive experience!

Photo by Kara Rosenlund
. Photo by Kara Rosenlund .

I planned to eat delicious fish dishes ( as James doesn't eat fish ) to do plenty of work, catch up on some blog posts, and even do a spot of home diy on a farmhouse table I am attempting to refurbish for our kitchen. I also planned to enjoy a movie marathon of films which I have wanted to watch for ages but knew James wouldn't like. This last one may seem odd, but we don't get much time to sit and watch a movie together so when we do, we always try to pick something that we would both enjoy. Anyway...

This weekend has been great! I have really enjoyed myself and my own company. Of course I have my two fur babies, Joey and Teddy too! They have been great company and it's been nice not to be absolutely alone but it did bring another challenge with it - looking after them both! Teddy, our Japanese Spitz is a handful at the best of times, but with their 'Daddy' not being home for a couple of days they have been even more mischievous!

So this weekend had been positive, inspiring and also full of firsts. I honestly think I have grown from it and conquered some fears and insecurities along the way too!

First time I ate Crab ( I didn't like it )
First time I tried the latest Clipper organic tea blends ( I loved them - especially the St Clementine )
First time I sat in the garden and relaxed with a book ( I want to do this everyday )
First time I have attempted to refurbish furniture ( It's much harder than it looks! )
First time I have ever been home alone ( I didn't mind it )
First time I have had full responsibility of our two dogs ( At some points I felt it was very trying and I wasn't confident but I learnt from this that I need to be more in charge and also that I can do it! )
I visited somewhere new - Queens Park, a beautiful new park in my town ( I wish I had taken my camera! I will definitely go again! )
For the first time, I think ever, I could just please myself ( It is refreshing )

I hope you've enjoyed the weekend too!

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