19 April 2012

Larkspur and Linen...

Today we introduce to you Larkspur and Linen a beautiful company with handmade items and like ourselves an ethos which appreciates those unique and personal details.

We fell in love with the lovely little ring bearer pillows with a wooden base and country garden wedding feel. On looking into what else they made we found a shop full of wonderful wedding goodies, from pretty wedding streamers and creative boutonnieres for the boys, to adorable flower girl & ring bearer banners!

Here are our favourite finds from Larkspur and Linen...

Nana's Quilt ring bearer pillow on a white-washed wooden base approx. £18.15

Linen & Lace ring bearer pillow on a white-washed wooden base approx £16.85

Farmhouse Love ring bearer pillow sat within a white enamelware mug approx £16.20

Kiss wedding wand/streamer with bells approx £90.73 for 100

Benjamin Boutonniere approx. £11.02

Seth Boutonniere approx. £9.72

We also really liked this quote by Kate, the owner of Larkspur & Linen...
"My idea of the perfect wedding is one where best friends come together to pledge to love, honor, and cherish one another for ever and ever and ever... in a place filled with pink english roses and white larkspur... old vintage laces and mother-of-pearl buttons... surrounded by family and friends..."

If you would like to see more pretty products by Larkspur and Linen or to purchase an of the
above items, pop on over to the Esty Shop!

Please note that prices are approximate in accordance with the exchange rate at the time of
posting as all items are sold in dollars.

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