27 April 2012

Nice Package...

Wrapping can often be an afterthought but when the wrapping is almost as good as the packaging it's really good to spend a little time thinking about it and of course you can get a bit creative too! When you've spent so much time planning your perfect party, shower or wedding decor and design elements, it can be great to tie in your overall style with the wrapping for favours, token thank you gifts and so on.

This weeks wrapping inspirations are all about kraft paper or boxes and string/twine. These materials are cost effective, have a handmade look and can be tweaked to co-ordinate with various styles of events. Perhaps give your kraft & twine a modern twist, a rustic look or add a simple something which is a key element from your event.

Here we share some great little inspirations we have come across...

Modern Looks

We love this use of neon pink twine & a beautifully designed label attached by simply wrapping twine around the packaging several times. We've found this is a popular trend too . Image via You Are My Fave 

Sticking with the neon theme - literally - they have used neon stickers to decorate the kraft paper 
for these wedding favours & then finished with string tied in a traditional parcel fashion . 
Via Project Wedding & Photographed by Chelsea Fuss

It's a great idea to create your own print or design & cute out shapes such as these hearts to add interest & a 
unique element to your packaging. Alternatively you could use pages from a book that is relevant, 
music sheets or maybe even maps . Image via Pinterest original source unknown

Rustic Looks...

Using strips of material under the string to add some colour. Threading a flower throught the twine - be it
 crafted or real also makes a pretty detail . Image via Whipperberry 

Using Washi tape or ribbon to add some colour will match in with your event style. Adding little vintage keys as displayed in this example is a cute detail especially for weddings . Image via Oh Hello Friend 

This super cute wrapping idea uses kraft paper & twine with a beautiful bird tag, label with the appropriate greeting and finished off with a small twig for the bird to rest upon. Beautiful idea! . Image via Carolyns Homework 

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