17 August 2012

Shower Ideas with a Honey Bee Theme...

Today on the itty bitty & bijou blog we have a new mood board for baby showers or even bridal showers! It has a honey bee - sweet as honey theme and fresh creamy colours with dashes of warm honey tones and even lovely lemon!

Key ideas for this honey bee & sweet as honey theme include the following:
* Serve honeycomb at the desert table with ice cream
* Use honey stirrers as drink/cocktail stirrers
* Use burlap and twine to keep this natural colour palette - for table runners etc.
* Little jars of honey make great favours and you can easily make your own fabric covers to personalize or
  co-ordinate them. The honeycomb printed fabric would look lovely.
* These bee and honey comb pots would make great elements or even centerpieces!
* Keep floral pieces simple & fresh. Using glass jars wrapped with twine are effective.

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