28 August 2012

Wedding Dogs - What To Wear...

Pet dogs taking part in their owners wedding has become more popular and it's lovely to see a special part of the family taking part! There are some fantastic wedding photos out there of pet dogs taking part in their owners wedding day, and we are sure that there will be some funny stories to accompany those photographs too!

We were also having a little look at what your dog could wear to the wedding. We are not too keen on dressing pets up as people but we found some creative and cute ways that you could add a bit of something without making your pet uncomfortable. So here are some fab wedding photos to inspire you if you are having your pet dog take part...

Wearing a simple tie & shirt collar around the dogs own collar . Photography by Braedon Photography

Love how the dogs have the seats! Photography by Lauren Ross Photography

A very dapper little dog with a black bow tie .  Photography by Kate Noelle Photography

Matching the wedding theme with a white & blue stripe bow tie . Photography by Elisa B Photography

This little Pug's bow tie is red to match the Bride's shoes . Image unknown via Pinterest

Wearing a wreath of Ivy . Photography by 1313 Photography

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