14 March 2014

Wanderlust // Itty Bitty Bijou

This week the English countryside welcomed Spring sunshine and I had a great urge to get out there and explore! We have a location to scout out for an upcoming photography project, so it was the perfect opportunity to take some of our camera kit (and of course Joey and Teddy) out!

When you find yourself working at a computer most of the day, everyday, it's a refreshing change to be outdoors! I always enjoy finding new places and we found some beautiful locations for picnics this summer - not just styled shoots and family photography sessions!

I really want to take advantage of the weather this Spring and Summer and pledge that I will do some exploring, have some adventures and see more of the UK this year. Spring and summer are our busiest months as wedding photographers too which is also good for seeing new places - but I must remember to take a day off once in a while and go see the world!

Photo Credit . Catharine Noble Photography

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