2 March 2014

Don't Forget to Sparkle // Itty Bitty Bijou

Some days working for yourself and staying motivated can be difficult. You can't excitedly show a colleague work that you've just finished and get a heartfelt well done. You can't bounce ideas of someone or discuss a work dilemma. You have to do all of this for yourself which can sometimes be hard work and it can dull my sparkle somewhat. But it doesn't have to! 

It's nice to share ideas, inspirations and opinions on current trends with people who have similar jobs, interests or work in the same industry as yourself. Creating my inspiration boards, reading my favourite blogs and magazines helps me to do this as well as social media. I engage with others and make connections on a personal level not just in a business / work way. Showing my tastes, style preferences and ideas has gained me a network of people and also friends. It's not just a one way street either! It's inspiring and motivating to see their work too and we take an interest and actively support each other. I love to see my associates take on challenges and succeed - I'm sure they feel the same towards myself too. We help each other to Sparkle!

Below are some tips you can try to achieve better connections and support too...

Steps you can take to get some Sparkle in your work life too:

> Follow {work } friends on Pinterest - You can follow me at www.pinterest.com/ittybittybijou
> Follow { work } friends on Instagram - You can follow me at instagram.com/ittybittybijou
> Read their blogs, see their recent projects and if you see something you like - tell them so with a comment below the post or even a little email!
> Are there recurring people's work that you seem to keep pinning to your Pinterest? Have you visited their website or blog to learn more about them?
> If you have a network of { work } friends already do you support them by sharing their recent features and successes? 

There's a start! I'll be following this post up with some more tips in the near future too.

Don't forget to SPARKLE!

Catharine x

Image Credit . Photo by Brianna Venzke / Graphic by Itty Bitty Bijou

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