18 March 2014

My Top Beauty Vloggers by Itty Bitty Bijou

Firstly, I love makeup and skincare, I always have - I even worked at The Body Shop for a couple of years whilst at college! Some time ago I was looking online for some new foundation and what was recommended - this led to my discovery of the world of Beauty Vloggers on Youtube! I love reading blogs but had never thought about the world of vlogs - video versions - and I have really come to enjoy some regulars!

Here's a round-up of my top Beauty Vloggers I currently watch ...

Chloe Morello // ChloeMorello
Chloe's style is flawless and I adore both the makeup and fashion looks she shows! I seriously want her wardrobe! If like me, you want a fresh faced, natural look with nods to the latest trends, you will really enjoy Chloe's vlogs.

Melissa Raymond // MELMPHS
Melissa is from Memphis and I could listen to her accent all day! She is such a character and a breath of fresh air! Her videos range from honest reviews to 'get ready with me' tutorials. I love that Melissa is natural and warm, she will tell you if she didn't like a product and she also has great dupes for top brand makeup too!

Steph  // SMLxO
Steph posts regular videos about the latest makeup looks and how to create them as well as reviewing products. I love that Steph has a funny 'outtakes' section at the end of her video too - they are always adorable! She also does a lot of 'haul' videos and fashion pieces too.

Heart // ThatsHeart
Heart is such a lovely, positive person and she shares lots of videos other than just makeup - such as room tours, questions viewers have asked and fashion pieces too. She recently released her very own makeup palette which is a cute as she is!

Wayne Goss // Gossmakeupartist
Wayne is great for 'how to' tutorials from how to contour correctly, apply blusher in different ways to suit your face shape, perfect your eyebrows - I have learnt so many great tips to use everyday!

Emily Noel // EmilyNoel83
Emily does lots of tutorials and 'get ready with me' videos but also she honestly reviews products too. From 'one brand' makeup looks to dupes of high end makeup, to lots of informational videos.

If you have someone to recommend, why not share it in the comments section below?!

Image Credit . Photo via Lonny Magazine . Graphic by Itty Bitty Bijou

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